About House Call MinistriesAdministering Treatment According to the Illness

Born in Rochester, Linden Overhiser grew up with Christian parents. He was saved at the age of 7. Throughout his childhood and teen years, Linden had the privilege of learning from experiences that taught lessons few people learn until it's too late and mistakes are made. Those experiences allowed Linden's roots in Christ to grow deeper, and helped develop strong convictions and knowledge of God's Word.

Linden was called to preach at the age of 14. His church had a ministry called "Messages From Young Men" where he learned from Godly men how to conduct himself both behind the pulpit and beyond. Linden's ministry experience ranges from serving missionaries on the field (and learning from them) to helping his father build a church that grew to a large congregation in one year.

He met his wife (Rachel) on a missions trip in 2002. Linden and Rachel were married in 2004. In 2007, the Lord blessed them with their daughter, Jenna. Jenna is home schooled and wants to be a Doctor someday. Linden and Rachel encourage her to do whatever God has gifted and desires her to do. Jenna has been a tremendous blessing to the family as well as their ministry, helping her parents fulfill God's calling on their lives, serving in any way possible, and being their source of joy.

House Call Ministries' Mission

Churches are hospitals for the sick, but who helps the hospitals in need? That's where House Call Ministries steps in, making house calls to sick churches and administering treatment according to the illness.

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